Friday, December 08, 2006


What is with all these newspeople saying "the unpopular war" ? What's unpopular about it? I don't hate the war! I love the war! What's with all this naysaying about it? President Bush is doing the best he can and somebody's got to do it! Otherwise we'll all end up wearing burkha's and saying "Allah Akbar!" or face death. (Which, if it came to that, I think I'd take the latter option.) Where are all the war supporters? We need to wear t-shirts saying "I love the war!" and "Hey, y'know that Iraqi war thing? ISN'T IT GOING GREAT!?!". So, all you couch potatoes, get out there and shout - I LOVE THE WAR!!!!

I should totally get FrankJ (of fame) to make those t-shirts.........

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