Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Cousins visit so far.........

Well, when the cousins got here I issued the obligatory scream when I saw KH. (That's another story.) Cool cousin SH laughed. We've been having loads of fun and now that slightly - less cool cousin MD is here it'll only get better. Oh, and of course I gave AH a hug when I saw her cute little self. I got the MarshmallowShooter Sunday and we had fun testing it out - on eachother. ;) The Silly String is for special use on MD, so that'll happen soon. :D 14 cousins, 1 week, this oughta be fun!

Oh, and, older sis MH and Mr. - macho cuz MD better get ready for me and SH to WOOP them at Scattergories!!!!

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