Monday, February 02, 2009

The Super Bowl

That was the SCARIEST game I ever watched.

I originally posted this comment on IMAO, thought I'd put it here.
"The game was AWESOME. The ads stunk. The old pepsi ad with Mean Joe Green was redone by Coke with Polamalu which was kinda funny but that’s it. I see funnier commercials on regular tv than what the Super Bowl had. Plus, I hate these stupid washed out 80’s stars they get to perform - Journey and Bruce Springsteen?!?! Can they get noone better to perform in these things? I remember the last Super Bowl I watched (I only watch the Steelers. Go Pittsburgh!) they had Mick Jagger perform. Gag! We flipped to FOX News and watched Huckabee during Halftime. Neil Cavuto was on and it was way better than the gagfest the halftime show is."

Go Pittsburgh!
(Let's hope the Penguins shape up so we can watch them next.)