Friday, November 17, 2006

I have to have this rant.......................

Has any one else noticed how Mandie from the Mandie books has gotten more bratty with each book? Constant foot stamping, sighing; honestly, Joe deserves better. But, Joe she is destined for, no matter how she feels in her finnicky moods. I looked back in the earlier books and she is a much sweeter, nicer girl. But, I can't stop reading them now. The series is almost finished and I will see it to the end. Even if Joe has the brattiest wife ever. She'd better marry Joe.
Y'know, I loved this series all while I was growing up and now.......... I can hardly stand her she's behaving so awfully. Sure, she's nice at times, but other times................
:( 40-some books later I find out she's not nice. Maybe, she'll grow - up in college but, the first college book showed no signs of it. And, while I'm ranting may I note - and I don't dislike Mandie for it, it's just always been kind of a joke with me, my mom, and sisters - that every guy in the series likes Mandie? I mean, poor Celia! Robert is the true One for Celia. He's the only one who's liked Celia when Mandie's there. :) I'm laughing now. But, it's true that, with the exception of when Polly's there and the guys can't seem to figure out whether to admire Mandie or Polly ( which Mandie has gotten a little more bratty about, but that's understandable where Joe's concerned), it seems like Celia, Sally and the other girls never get any attention.
Glad I got that off my chest. ;D There is hope for Mandie, I know it.

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