Monday, May 11, 2009

Random Question.. Tabasco Poll!

I just ate chicken pot pie with Tabasco sauce on top.
My mother thinks I'm strange because one of my favorite breakfasts is one of those little Tony's pepperoni pizzas with Tabasco. (This I highly recommend.)

I'm wondering...
What do you eat Tabasco with?
Gimme your tastiest and strangest combos people!


Abby said...

Well, today I had pesto beef pasta topped off with the green tabasco. I have to confess that my favorites Tabasco is the green!

Amy said...

I had a teacher who would dump lots in a plain potato chip bag and chow down. Me, personally? Well, I've tries it on just about everything, hot dogs, eggs, soups, pizza, pasta,Chinese food, etc... And all of these items have been consumed at breakfast and throughout the day.