Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Answer my RANDOM QUESTION! (Finally)

Besides being constantly busy trying to teach 1st grade and finish off college courses Facebook.com has rather taken over what is left of my time on the 'net.
Still, I'd like to ask a random question.
What if one day, pigs really do fly? What will they say when someone says something crazy then?
"When whales march?"
"When robots rule the world?"
'Cause you know, one of these days some genius kid is going to get angry at all the people who tell him "when pigs fly" and he's going to invent something to allow pigs to fly.

1 comment:

KDH said...

I think itll turn into, "when antilope go blind", but after some kid gets mad and stabs all the worlds antilope in the eyes, itll be, "When my parents get back together" cause by that point democrats will control office and divorce rate will be in the tens of thousand percentage of what it is today. Because democrats will rule when pigs fly.