Friday, July 20, 2007

The hardest yet, Random Question!

If you had one superpower what would it be?
And if something terrible happened to Hillary "Rotten" Clinton -use your imagination on this one, depending on your power it could be any number of things - and you were the only one who could save her, since you had a mega-awesome superpower, would you?

That's a toughie. Since I'm a christian I know I would have to, but, if she ever became the president I'd probably regret it. Or at least wish I hadn't been there to help her. ;P


PRH said...

Oh, by the way, mine would be flight. So, say she was falling off a bridge, I'd have to fly and catch her so she wouldn't die. But, it's all in God's hands anyway, so I guess she'll get hers. Just have to be patient and pray she won't even get a hair's chance of winning the election.

RMH said...


rmh said...

My superpower is teleportation. So say, hilary was about to fall out of her window or something.I'd probably have to teleport and grab her.But its in God's hands. I hope she doesnt win. Keep Praying! My first comment was for dont try reading it.

KDH said...

hey!! can you guess who I am?

mine would be to control the different elements on God's green (and blue) earth. I have to clue how I could save Hillary (ugh) Clinton with that. Maybe from a big tornado. Not sure I would save her anyway, I probly would but I may just be saying that.

P.S. I have this page on favorites now, I'll try and check up on it every once in a while

PRH said...

You are so kind to think of visiting my site my strange cousin.

kdh said...

well it was mildy interesting, Ill check maybe once a week, heheh nawwww. more often than that, post something interesting!!!!