Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!

Whew! So, where were we? Ah, yes, the H.-side o' the family cousins. Boy, it's been so long............ OK, here we go. Hurrah for me! Oh and of course you too SJH.We did totally beat MFH and SMD at Scattergories! Though we only got to play 2 rounds and not the full 3 we still beat 'em by 7 points! As for the SillyString ........... well, KDH and I concocted a plan, that, of course, did not go as expected (When do plans, the ornery things?) to get SMD with it. Let me set the scene for you. Close your eyes and picture: Everyone at the condo the cousins were staying at. Now open your eyes or how will you read! It's the last night of their stay. When you enter the condo there is a doorway to the left, leading to the kitchen. So, I hide just inside this doorway armed with my can of SillyString and KDH tries to lure SMD out to the balcony (K. also has SillyStuff).
KDH: Hey, M!
SMD: What?
KDH: Come here! Someone threw a football over the balcony! Come see!
(I know, I know. Weak. But, he was pressed for ideas. Cut him some slack.)
SMD: What?
KDH:Someone threw a football over the balcony! Come see, M!
SMD gets up and walks slowly over. Stops, right before he gets to the kitchen door.
SMD: What? Whatever, K.
He turns around to go back to the couch where pretty much everyone else was watching The Scarlet Pimpernel - Which, by the way, is a good movie you should watch sometime. Not the old,old one. The one with Ian McKellan in it. - anyway, I'm thinkin' what! And I leap out from behind the wall, K. right behind me. And hosin' him down with the SillyBilly. It was totally hilarious. He jumps back and then starts laughing while everyone else turns around and starts laughing at whats going on. KDH and I are already dying of laughter as he trys to steal it from us. Good times.
Eventually however, he wrestles it away from me. Then he takes it up to the tenth floor and empties it up there - claimed it floated all the way across the parking lot before it came down - instead of squirting it at me like I expected him to do . I suppose this is maturity. *smirks* Then again, this is the guy who blew straw wrappers at us while we were in Chick-Fil-A.

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